Monday, 25 April 2016

The nishab or limitation bar on cow, goat, ram, camel

1)    The nishab or zakat limitation bar is on cow = 30 cows
2)    The nishab or zakat limitation bar is on  goats=40 goats
3)    The nishab or zakat limitation bar is on  ram= 40 rams
4)    The nishab or zakat limitation bar is on  camel=5 camels

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Zakat will not be applicable on the assets

The assets, which will exempted from zakat. These list are given bellow.
1)    Personal land
2)    Mill, factory, warehouse
3)    Shop
4)    Home-house
5)    Under 1 year old beast
6)    Useable clothes
7)    Books, printed materials
8)    Household all furniture, home appliances, oil painting, stamp
9)    Office’s all furniture, machine, calculator, computer and related all parts.
10)                      Home  captive  all types birds and beasts
11)                      The beast and vehicle used in transportation.
12)                      Arms and ammunition
13)                      Rotten able all agricultural goods
14)                      Your Preserved seeds for cultivation.

15)                      Assets that you have gotten and expend in the same zakat year.

Zakat on business industries

Zakat on industries are easy. Anybody who has an industry he can easily calculate his zakat on his industry. From his yearly balance sheet he can calculate zakat.
1)   Earned profit                                       =
2)   Cash  in hand                                       =
3)   Cash in Bank                                        =
4)   Products preserved in warehouse  =
5)   Raw materials                                    =
6)   Raw materials in process                 =
7)   Finished goods                                   =
                                             Totals                               =

1)   Fixed capital(machinery, land, building) =
2)   Goods buy on loan                                  =
3)   Others loan                                               =
4)    Others expenditures                               =
              Grand Total                                =
And thereafter calculate zakat2.50% of the grand total.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Zakat on mineral resource

There is no nishab or limitation bar on zakat. If the mine is under control on a person as personal property and he gets the mineral resources from the mine then he must pay zakat. State ownership mine has no zakat. The rate of zakat on mineral resources is 20%.

Zakat is not as like as an income tax or other government tax.

         If anybody determined that, he is giving zakat when he is giving government tax or income tax will not be accept as a zakat. Because government is not collecting it as a zakat or distribute it as a sharia system.

Zakat for who are collecting zakat as staff

We can pay zakat to them who are full time involve in collecting and distributing zakat fund. They are recruited as a staff for zakat collection.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Zakat for creating a beautiful society.

Zakat for creating a beautiful society.
Payment of zakat is the responsibility of the rich in an Islamic society. In addition, reserve the rights of poor people. Zakat is the religious responsibility and Allah’s rights. Zakat has a extra ordinary importance on socio economic condition.
             Zakat purify the assets. Zakat giver pays the zakat to carry the Allah’s order. In his mind, there created a fear that which property he gives as a zakat  will not be accept to Allah, if his determination is bad or is there any problem in the assets. This thinks and feelings inspire him to earn in a good way and purify his assets. Besides, on the way of earning, this is not impossible to a few wrongs or mistakes in the process. If anybody gives zakat with pure determination, Allah will show mercy on him for his small mistakes. Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) has said “when you give zakat, then you wash the bad things from your assets.”
            Zakat purify the rich. Craving for money give birth selfishness, greed in human being. Zakat free people from attraction of money and purify from selfishness and greediness. This way zakat gradually decrease the class struggle, exploitation, clash etc. from society and broaden the road of unity, compassion, peace etc. Zakat amend and purify the assets, assets owner, receiver and society. In the Holy Quran Allah has said, “Make them pure and purify their assets, by collecting zakat from their assets”-Sura, Tawba-103
             Zakat reduce poverty. The name of zakat receivers are Fakir, Miskin, slave, borrower are the poor classes people. If we collect zakat properly and as per planning way, we manage their earnings then poverty will be reduce.
               Zakat increase the production. Purchasing power of poor, helpless and jobless peoples are not always fixed. But their purchasing power will be increased if we distribute zakat among them and then poor will buy more products. Therefore, the demand of products will increase more than before. Investment will be increase for solve the demand. Then production; supply will be also be increased. Therefore, sale volume will also increase and profit from production will increase. Through this way, zakat create the purchasing power of poor and then gradually increase the demand, production, supply, profit margin. This producer gives zakat then it return to them as the increased profit. For this reason Allah has said in the Holy Quran “The zakat, who give it to you for satisfy Allah, basically the giver increase their assets”- Sura Rom-39

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sharia importance on zakat

Zakat is Allah’s order and fundamental. Zakat is the third filler of Islam. After belief, there is Prayer and then zakat. In the Holy Quran, Allah 82 times declared about prayer and zakat .Basically there is no opportunity to make a difference between prayer and zakat. Hazrat Abdullah ibne  Masud said ” it is an order to you to pay zakat and pray to Allah jointly. So, if nobody pays his zakat, his prayer will not be accepting.” Hazrat ibne zaed said,” Prayer and zakat become compulsory combined. You cannot create any discrimination among them.”  Hazrat Khalid bin Walid said” Prayer and zakat is equal. One is not accept without another. So, Islam fixes strong law for this.” Hazrat Mohammad (SAWS) said” If anybody pay zakat for getting prize, he will award prize. However, who denies to pay zakat, we must collect zakat from him by force and then his 1/2 portion of total assets will be taken from him. In the Holy Quran Allah said that not giving zakat is the works of infidels who disbeliefs the life after death. It also said in the Holy Quran that destruction for that person who does not pay zakat and disbelief death after life.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Important religious decree or masalas on Zakat

Now we discuss on several stages upon which zakat will be implacable:
1)    If the asset owner is mad or minor, then his legal guardian will pay the zakat.
2)    Joint venture: If jointly two or more person becomes the owner of an asset then they must pay zakat on their share. If his share and other asset become zakat worthy then he must pay zakat of the total asset.
3)    Zakat on dead man: If the man dead before payment of zakat then his heirs or legal caretaker first pay the zakat, then pay the loan and then distribute the share to the heirs.
4)    Zakat on asset upon to legal caretaker: If any asset upon to legal caretaker, then he must pay the zakat on behalf of the asset owner.
5)    Zakat on foreign asset: If any body’s asset is on a foreign country and the asset is zakat worthy, then he must pay the zakat on that asset. If the government of that country is an Islamic state and they collect zakat from these assets, then you will not pay the zakat. If the asset on a country and owner is outside of the country then legal representative will pay the zakat.

zakat on cow

If you have 30 cow then you must pay 01 year old cow as a  zakat. If you have 40  and parts of this then you must pay 02 years old cow as a zakat.But there is a condition that these cow must be out of your use. 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Zakat on goats or ram

Zakat on goats or ram

For every 40 goats or ram we must pay zakat 01 goats or ram, up to 120 goats or ram we must pay 02 goats, for 300 goats we have to pay 03 goats or ram, thereafter for each 100 or extra parts goats or ram we must pay another goats or ram as a zakat.

zakat for human wellbeing

zakat is a system which main aim is to do human wellbeing. we can use zakat fund in some human wellbeing which are given bellow:
     1)We can use zakatfund regularly as a pension system for fulfilling the basic necessity of poor, needy, sick, disable, widow, old orphan etc.
     2) We can use zakat for the poor and needy , so that they become able to reduce their poverty and lead a dignityful life.
     3) Create an environment so that traveller's donot face problems in their travell.

Zakat for human wellfare

1) The person who becomes loaner for due reason; help them free from their loan. Moreover, build a system for their earning so that they do not become loaner.
2) We should build a fix institutional system for marketing, expansion and establishment of Islam so that the base of Islam may be strong. For the reason we should build a develop system for publication, research and training.
3) We can establish school, college, Madrasa, library for develop education and training of poor and needy peoples kids from zakat fund.
4) We can arrange works for jobless peoples and start a regular pension for jobless person from zakat fund.
5) From zakat fund, you can establish hospital, clinic, and dispensary for treatment of poor peoples.
6) We can manage regular stipend, scholarship for poor meritorious student from zakat fund.
7) Zakat fund can do a great contribution for the looser person’s help and rehabilitation in natural disaster such as flood, tornedo, and earthquake.

 It is possible to do a great contribution for poverty reduction and needy people, if we collect and distribute zakat properly.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

The role of zakat to reduce economic discremination

It has already been said in the Holy Quran about the objective of zakat that "Property should not cycle on the rich people's circle" Sura Hashar -7
         Allah Knows everything. He knows that as per human's different ability, man's earnings also be different.  The persons whose qualification is high they will earn high and lead a solvent life. But for lower qualification, few people earning will be low and they can not mamtain their life. On the other hand, in society there are widow,old,sick,disable, orphan who can not earn nothing. Allah has managed the zakat as a institutional system for the objective of ensure and fulfilling the basic necessity of these people. Through this zakat system the need of these helpless people has been fulfilled  by collecting a part of rich people income.

Zakat brings peace on society

Through zakat based economics, investment is always high. So the problem of joblessness is always low. Wages  always increases brcause of demand for labour. There is no problem of begger. Society is always free from clash because of fulfilling the demand of helpless and needy person. We can finally say that zakat is the fixed up gurantee of social security for helpless and needy humanity. And also a strong force for economic development, progress through the speedy movement of the economics wheel.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

zakat on horse

Hazrat omar started zakat on horse. Before his reign there was no zakat on horse. He fixed the rate of zakat on horse. If the horse is using on transportation, carrying goods and jihad then there will be no zakat for the horse. But if thats not happen on the horse then asper the value of 52 tolas rupa we must pay the zakat on the rate of 2.50% for the horse.

zakat on camel

The nishab or limitations of zakat on camel is for every 5 camel we must pay 1 goat or ram. If we have  44 camel then we must pay 1 piece of one year old camel kids. As per this rate zakat on camel will be calculated.

Zakat is only for muslim

Zakat is only compulsory for muslim, Non muslims are exempted from Zakat.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Zakat on foreign curriencies

If you have foreign curriencies such as Doller,Pound,Diner,Dirham,Riel etc and their value become totally or singlely equivalent to 52 tolas rupa then you must pay zakat.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Zakat on Business dues

If your business dues are not paid then youmust less the dues from your zakat worthy assets. These business dues may be  wages, salary, house rent,gas and electric bill, buy goods or raw material in dues. review