Saturday, 23 April 2016

Zakat will not be applicable on the assets

The assets, which will exempted from zakat. These list are given bellow.
1)    Personal land
2)    Mill, factory, warehouse
3)    Shop
4)    Home-house
5)    Under 1 year old beast
6)    Useable clothes
7)    Books, printed materials
8)    Household all furniture, home appliances, oil painting, stamp
9)    Office’s all furniture, machine, calculator, computer and related all parts.
10)                      Home  captive  all types birds and beasts
11)                      The beast and vehicle used in transportation.
12)                      Arms and ammunition
13)                      Rotten able all agricultural goods
14)                      Your Preserved seeds for cultivation.

15)                      Assets that you have gotten and expend in the same zakat year.

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