Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sharia importance on zakat

Zakat is Allah’s order and fundamental. Zakat is the third filler of Islam. After belief, there is Prayer and then zakat. In the Holy Quran, Allah 82 times declared about prayer and zakat .Basically there is no opportunity to make a difference between prayer and zakat. Hazrat Abdullah ibne  Masud said ” it is an order to you to pay zakat and pray to Allah jointly. So, if nobody pays his zakat, his prayer will not be accepting.” Hazrat ibne zaed said,” Prayer and zakat become compulsory combined. You cannot create any discrimination among them.”  Hazrat Khalid bin Walid said” Prayer and zakat is equal. One is not accept without another. So, Islam fixes strong law for this.” Hazrat Mohammad (SAWS) said” If anybody pay zakat for getting prize, he will award prize. However, who denies to pay zakat, we must collect zakat from him by force and then his 1/2 portion of total assets will be taken from him. In the Holy Quran Allah said that not giving zakat is the works of infidels who disbeliefs the life after death. It also said in the Holy Quran that destruction for that person who does not pay zakat and disbelief death after life.

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