Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Important religious decree or masalas on Zakat

Now we discuss on several stages upon which zakat will be implacable:
1)    If the asset owner is mad or minor, then his legal guardian will pay the zakat.
2)    Joint venture: If jointly two or more person becomes the owner of an asset then they must pay zakat on their share. If his share and other asset become zakat worthy then he must pay zakat of the total asset.
3)    Zakat on dead man: If the man dead before payment of zakat then his heirs or legal caretaker first pay the zakat, then pay the loan and then distribute the share to the heirs.
4)    Zakat on asset upon to legal caretaker: If any asset upon to legal caretaker, then he must pay the zakat on behalf of the asset owner.
5)    Zakat on foreign asset: If any body’s asset is on a foreign country and the asset is zakat worthy, then he must pay the zakat on that asset. If the government of that country is an Islamic state and they collect zakat from these assets, then you will not pay the zakat. If the asset on a country and owner is outside of the country then legal representative will pay the zakat.

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