Thursday, 21 April 2016

Zakat for creating a beautiful society.

Zakat for creating a beautiful society.
Payment of zakat is the responsibility of the rich in an Islamic society. In addition, reserve the rights of poor people. Zakat is the religious responsibility and Allah’s rights. Zakat has a extra ordinary importance on socio economic condition.
             Zakat purify the assets. Zakat giver pays the zakat to carry the Allah’s order. In his mind, there created a fear that which property he gives as a zakat  will not be accept to Allah, if his determination is bad or is there any problem in the assets. This thinks and feelings inspire him to earn in a good way and purify his assets. Besides, on the way of earning, this is not impossible to a few wrongs or mistakes in the process. If anybody gives zakat with pure determination, Allah will show mercy on him for his small mistakes. Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) has said “when you give zakat, then you wash the bad things from your assets.”
            Zakat purify the rich. Craving for money give birth selfishness, greed in human being. Zakat free people from attraction of money and purify from selfishness and greediness. This way zakat gradually decrease the class struggle, exploitation, clash etc. from society and broaden the road of unity, compassion, peace etc. Zakat amend and purify the assets, assets owner, receiver and society. In the Holy Quran Allah has said, “Make them pure and purify their assets, by collecting zakat from their assets”-Sura, Tawba-103
             Zakat reduce poverty. The name of zakat receivers are Fakir, Miskin, slave, borrower are the poor classes people. If we collect zakat properly and as per planning way, we manage their earnings then poverty will be reduce.
               Zakat increase the production. Purchasing power of poor, helpless and jobless peoples are not always fixed. But their purchasing power will be increased if we distribute zakat among them and then poor will buy more products. Therefore, the demand of products will increase more than before. Investment will be increase for solve the demand. Then production; supply will be also be increased. Therefore, sale volume will also increase and profit from production will increase. Through this way, zakat create the purchasing power of poor and then gradually increase the demand, production, supply, profit margin. This producer gives zakat then it return to them as the increased profit. For this reason Allah has said in the Holy Quran “The zakat, who give it to you for satisfy Allah, basically the giver increase their assets”- Sura Rom-39

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